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An Expansive Multigenre
Young Adult Fiction Imprint

Bestselling. Award-winning. Critically acclaimed. Starting in January 2019, Harlequin TEEN will rebrand and relaunch as Inkyard Press and publish books for young adult readers across a variety of genres—from contemporary and mainstream to genre fiction, including horror, fantasy, mystery, romance and thriller.

It is important that readers see themselves reflected in the books we publish and we are proud to represent authors from diverse backgrounds and communities. Our goal is to publish exceptional books—and as part of that commitment, we are working to broaden our publishing portfolio with an inclusive, diverse list of authors and stories. We are always looking for fresh voices, including writers with unique perspectives and experiences to share. Agented submissions only, please.

“The name Inkyard is original and evocative—ink, the very foundation of the written word, and yard, an open space to explore. Together they represent a strong, creative community of established and emerging voices bringing unforgettable stories to our ever-expanding readership.”
—Margaret Marbury, Vice President, Editorial

Inkyard Press accepts only agented submissions.

Coming Soon

by Adi Alsaid

Dumped by her boyfriend right before college, relationship columnist Lu Charles has severe writer's block. If she can’t come up with a topic for her column, she’ll lose her writing gig and the scholarship that goes along with it. When she overhears another couple planning a precollege breakup, she’s convinced they are the answer to finding inspiration again. But as she inserts herself into their lives, she discovers Iris and Cal are planning to postpone their breakup to until the end of summer. Are they just prolonging their misery or do they know the secret to navigating all this love business? All Lu knows is that if she can’t make a breakthrough before the end of summer, she can kiss her future goodbye.

by Melissa de la Cruz

Ji-Su’s parents are laser focused on her future, and working with Seoul’s premier matchmaker to find the right boyfriend is step one in their plans. Ji-Su goes on the recommended dates to please her parents, but when her attention wavers more towards having fun with her friends, her parents shock her by shipping her off to San Francisco where she can focus on her school work and, of course, go on more dates. But her new reality opens Ji-Su’s eyes to what she really wants out of life—more time spent on her passion for photography than dating. And what if she finds The One and he’s not parent approved?

by Dana L. Davis

Her twin is dying, but that won’t stop Indigo from taking her sister and their dys”fun”ctional family on the road trip of a lifetime in this hilarious, heartbreaking, and hope-filled novel.

by Elizabeth Keenan

Sisters on opposite sides of the abortion debate band together to dispel a rumor intended to get one of them expelled from their strict school in this celebration of friendship and feminism set in the 1990s.

by Maika Moulite and Maritza Moulite

A teen sent to stay with her aunt in Haiti after a prank goes awry uncovers family secrets and the key to her mother’s recent meltdown while embracing her rich Haitian heritage in this exciting debut told in letters, articles, emails and diary entries.

by Mara Rutherford

A sparkling fairy-tale fantasy debut that follows a young woman from a floating village on the sea who must impersonate her twin on land to save everyone she loves from a tyrannical prince.

by Laura Taylor Namey

A young woman strives to balance the ordinary life she wants and the reality of living with her hoarding mother while falling in love in this touching and romantic debut novel.

by Eric Smith

Warcross meets #GamerGate when two teen gamers find their virtual worlds—and blossoming romance—invaded by the real-world issues of trolling and doxing in this fast-paced, thrilling novel.

Acquiring Editors

Inkyard Press accepts only agented submissions.

Natashya Wilson

Natashya Wilson, Executive Editor

I have a strong affinity for commercial, addictive, high-concept fiction and riveting stories that help the reader see different perspectives and think about ideas that resonate after the book has been read.

I’m looking for: Young adult fiction on the upper-YA end of the spectrum in any genre or genre blend; stories that showcase each author’s unique voice and perspective.

I’d love to find the next: YA novel that hits me in the heart the way the Dear Evan Hansen musical does.

Lauren Smulski

Lauren Smulski, Associate Editor

Encountering an idea I’ve never seen before excites me. I’m particularly drawn to fantasy and science fiction—genre fiction that allows authors to create brand-new worlds out of nothing.

I’m looking for: Fantasy with well-developed world building and science fiction. On the contemporary side, I’d like to find classical retellings in a modern setting, as well as books exploring the emotional nuances surrounding addiction and/or alcoholism, especially told from the point of view of a sober protagonist.

I’d love to find the next: Sarah J. Maas, Leigh Bardugo or Laini Taylor.